my 2018 fall playlist – blogtober

“embrace all that is you…”

hi everyone,
and welcome back to my blog

this is the first ever blogtober post and it’s about my favorite type of medicine.. music.

Music has played such a huge role in my life. I really enjoy the emotional connection it has with human bodies and minds.

For every emotion and vibes, I get I like to make playlist with all the songs I feel go perfectly with that feeling. When I can’t explain what I feel, the music does that for me.

So without further adieu, here’s a bunch of songs for a fall playlist you should vibe to for the rest of the season.

#1 heaven – kane brown

link to song

If you’re really into country music this is your song. But, if you’re not big on country I think you’ll still be able to jam to this.
The song just has that chill coffee house acoustic vibe that I really love and nothing says fall more than coffee house acoustics.

#2 mirage – sabrina carpenter

link to song

I quite enjoy this song and it’s chill techno flow. It was one of my favorites for months and it still is.
Sabrina is hands down one of my favorite singers as well.

#3 goodnight n go – ariana grande

Link to song

(couldn’t find the studio version on YouTube so enjoy this beautiful live version)

Goodnight n go is my favorite of her new album. Her voice is so gentle yet, powerful at the same time that the whole song just seems unreal. The whole flow gives off the best fall vibes.

#4 search party – sam bruno

link to song

This is a bit of an old song but it still brings a chill and fun fall vibe.
It just makes me think of traveling and running away from your doubts and worries.

#5 all night – vamps

Link to song

this song gives off the same travel vibe as the last. That’s what fall really reminds me off.

#6 want you back – 5 seconds of summer

link to song

this is one of the best songs to jam to especially during the fall. I really love chill pop songs during the fall. They just really make me happy.

#7 summertime sadness – megan davies

link to song

I found this song on a Spotify playlist called ‘morning acoustics’. I fell in love after hearing this version. I’ve always loved the original by Lana Del Ray but something about hearing the acoustic version makes me heart just pop.

#8 kill our way to heaven – michl

link to song

This song gives me morning fall vibes. I also listen to it a lot when I’m doing homework.

#9 closer – leroy sanchez

link to song

This song came out 2 years. I know because I had it in my 2016 fall playlist. I’m obsessed with Leroy Sanchez’s acoustic covers. His voice makes me feel so loved.

#10 back to black – amy winehouse

link to song

This is one of my favorite throwback songs. It just never gets old. It’s incredible how much you can physically feel the emotion put into the lyrics.

That’s is all the songs for today. Maybe I’ll make a part 2 when I find more songs.

hope you enjoyed today’s blogtober post. More will be to come soon.

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i love you all so much!! I hope you have an amazing day or night where you are.

♡, princess

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