Simplistic Summer Clothing Haul | Get to Know My Style

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

Today’s post is going to be a lot different from my usual rants because I decide to do a clothing haul.

About a week a go, I went shopping at my nearest mall and inexpensive clothing stores for new items to take home with me.

I think in total I spent about $50 on everything which is pretty well considering some people spend that much on one item.

Now my style is quite simplistic. I love solid colors and if anything I have has any type of design it’s either flowers or an animal of some sort.

The first place I went to was with my mom and sister to a store called “Rainbow” ( I’m not sure if the store is anywhere else but, they have a bunch here in Orlando).

The first item I got was this burnt orange romper.

At first I wasn’t quite into it but, then I realized I need a bit more bright colors in my closet since everything I have is pretty dark.

The next item I got was a dark green body suit.

I am OBSESSED with body suits. I think they’re much better than “normal” shirts. I already have three. One is red white longer sleeves, another is very similar to the green one above except it’s all black, and the third one is a shoulder cut maroon-pinkish color.

The next and last item of clothing I got from rainbow, was this floral maroon shoulder cut dress.

I am a sucker for the color maroon. The dress also came in navy blue but, I fell in love with this one. I normal don’t wear dresses I’m more of a skirt kind of gal but every now and then I make exceptions.

The next store I went to was “JCPenney’s” and I didn’t spend much time in there I only went because my mom wanted to look another skirt. But, while there I found a really cute gray crew neck with blue flowers on the neckline and a plaid blue print that comes out at the end of the sleeves.

Afterwards I went a two local stores, where I got a white floral dress from a local store called “Grands”.

From another store called “Dede’s” I got a white unicorn shirt to match a pale pink unicorn bag I have.

I then picked up a soft dark green shirt from there as well.

I’ve worn this shirt a few times after buying it because it’s just so soft and cozy to be in. And I also sometimes where it as a pajama shirt because at the moment it’s over 100 degrees outside which calls for a 70 degree house.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I know it’s a bit different from what I post but, I wanted to try different and different is good.

If you need to talk I’m always here as well as of twitter and Instagram. And as for any questions I’ll answer them as best I possibly could.

Also I’m sorry that some of the pictures are dark, I tried to edit them with a new preset I made.


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As always I hope you have an amazing day or night wherever you are. And in case no one’s told you today, I think you’re beautiful inside and out.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.”

♡, princess

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