Happiness is Key | Finding Motivation and How to Keep It

“Know who you are in life straining situations.”

Hey guys long time no post.

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been so caught up with crazy shit.

Long story short, I started realizing that I overthink so much that it gets in the way of what makes me truly happy.

Sometimes I over think so much that when something exciting happens in front of me, I miss it because of the amount of pain I pile up on my chest.

These past few days I’ve been learning how to say no to the bad things I don’t want in my head.

I’ve been learning to focus on myself and making myself happy. Only then will I have the power to spread my happiness with others.

Because I felt so numb, I wasn’t able to write post. I would write a bit and then I would immediately lose interest and it makes me sad because writing blog post is something I really like to do.

At this moment in time, I feel energized enough to share feelings with everyone. And by that I mean the good kind.

This is how I was able to earn back my spirit and keep feeling motivated to keep going.

1. I started making time for myself.

I learned the more time you take to yourself the more time you are to better understand yourself. I learned to better my emotions and feelings. I’ve been teachings my mind to stop living in the past and to stop obsessing over the future, and to instead spend time loving the present because all we have is now.

2. I’ve been scheduling myself.

Keeping Myself on a schedule has helped me organize my time and manage stress better. With a schedule I have time to do everything I need to do for the day and still have time for hobbies. I’m not left with an excessive amount of free time, which had the biggest effect on me feeling unmotivated because I felt as if I had nothing to do. So much time and I let it all go to waste.

3. I’ve been looking more and more into the study of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is the study of life in a spiritual perspective. I enjoy it because it gives me reason. It makes me look into my purpose in life because we all have one, most just haven’t found it yet.

4. Spending less time on social media and more time reading and listening to music.

Social Media is one of the most distracting part of life for this generation. So, spending less time on it will help give you a peace of mind.

I learned to turn off the notifications for each social media account I have and instead spend my time listening to music and reading books.

Music is one of my favorite things in this world. It has such a huge effect on my feelings and emotions.

Reading has calm me down. Reading forms such huge imaginary events and situations that just distract you from stress.

5. I’ve been exercising more.

Exercise has been known to relieve stress. The more I exercise the more I feel physically and emotionally better about myself.

This five things may seem simple ad crazy but, I have to tell you they mad the biggest changes in my life and for the first time in a long time I felt happy. I felt how a young teen should feel, happy, healthy, and confident.

I’ve felt my good motivation that I haven’t felt in a while. I was able to wake up every morning and not doubt whether or not I had a purpose because for those 2 seconds I was awake I already knew I was.

I hope this helps anyone who is going through a similar situation. If you need to talk I’m here. (though I’m not always active over here so follow my Instagram instead.)


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As always have an amazing day or night wherever you are!

“She wasn’t looking for a prince, she was looking for a sword…”
– a t t i cu s

♡, princess.

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