Putting Myself in a Better State| January Journal

“Who made your heart so numb, it can’t even feel my love..”

Soo..I haven’t posted in a while…lol.

Hey guys, what’s up and how you’ve been?

Lately, I’ve been not only caught up on school work but, I’ve been so uninspired to post. 

And it’s all due to one reason only;

My state of mind.

I put so much worry, fear,hate, and insecurity in mind that I barely have time or space to think about my own mental and physical needs.

On times where I’m bored, I go on Pinterest. There I found a collection of questions and prompts that were made to be answered in a journal.

Since, I already write almost all my thought down I thought why not transfer a bit of them to here. 

So, when you’re done reading I want you to answer the questions down below, think about your answers, think about how you’re going to incorporate them into your own life.


  • What are your thoughts on today’s events?
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What makes YOU happy? And Why?

January Journal

Princess Broken – 22. January. 2018

Putting Myself in a Better State of Mind.

       Today was okay. It was better the usual I guess but at the same time felt like the same old Monday I have every week. Although, there were moments where I had to talk myself out of over thinking a situation that was over with and had happened hours before. I’ve realized the more I give myself little pep talks in my notebook, I’m most likely going to listen to myself.

You see I get scared often. Not by things but, by people. Not necessarily people themselves but by what they’re going to think. Lately, I’ve been learning to cut that out of my life. I’ve been learning to be myself more because that’s who I am. Don’t mean to get religious but, that’s who God made me to be…Myself. I am looking forward to seeing a change in my confidence. I hope to be more confident even if it means to cut out the ones that drag me down.

I tend to laugh often. Laughing makes me happy. Watching YouTube Videos make me happy because it distracts me from the shit in this world. Ariana Grande makes me happy, she’s my queen and my favorite person in the universe. My family makes me happy, even if they do annoy me they’re my family and they will always help me and have my back. Even though I’m not a 90s kid, 90s vibes making me happy. Watching old vines make me happy, they just remind me of all the time that’s past and all the old laughs. These things make me happy because they make me forget. Happiness makes you forget all the crap and the craziness that’s provided in your life. 

That’s why I love being happy, I don’t have to worry about being afraid.

                                          – M.

My answers were genuinely how I felt. I hope they helped with you answering the questions. If that makes sense. 

If you’ve gotten this far ( because I’m not sure how long this post is ) thak you for sticking around and reading.

I love you. 

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As always, I hope you have an amazing day or night wherever you are! I love you so much and you’re beautiful!

 “You’re stronger than you think you are…”

                                 , princess m.

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