These Songs Will Make Your Life Better #2!!

“Music can heal a broken heart and fix a broken smile…”

Hi lovelies and welcome to my blog.

The year of 2018 is off to an amazing start because of all the new music that was released just this month. 

As a huge lover of music I though I share with you my favorites. Last month I did a similar post that was inspired by a youtuber named Ryan Minaj. I really enjoyed writing that post so, I decided to do a part 2.

If you want to check out Ryan’s Video, I’ll leave the link right here:

Without further adieu, here’s my favorite songs from this month!!

1. “Supernova” – Ansel Elgort

My sister recommend this song to me and ever since I listened to it I’ve been hooked. I posted about this on my Instagram story. Not only is Ansel an amazing actor but, he has the literal voice of a god. Just the whole vibe of the song is a YES. 

2. “She Loved Control” – Camila Cabello

Camila’s album came out last Friday and every song on it is a bop. “She Loves Control” has so much confidence and the beat will make you want to dance. Female Empowerment is what we need more of in the music industry.

3. “Something’s Gotta Give” – Camila Cabello

This ballad is one of the saddest songs off her album. The lyrics and just the whole tone of the song connected to a part of my life that’s been hurting me for a while. My favorite line is “No reason to stay is a good reason to go”, indicates so much pain and the need to let it go.

4. “My My My” – Troye Sivan

I have an actual obsession with Troye Sivan and his music. “My My My” reminds me of his “Bite” but with a smoother vibe to it. Although at some parts of the song I have no idea what’s he saying, he makes up for it with the danceable love groove to it.

These next few songs are a bit older but still really good.

5. “Just Like You” -Louis Tomlinson

Ever since One Direction split as a band all 5 of the boys have been releasing solo music. Each one with different sounds. A band or not the boys are still dominating the charts.

My favorite one out of them being solo is definitely Louis. I first heard “Just Like You” on my Spotify. It was one of the songs in my discover weekly. After hearing it, the song was stuck in my head for weeks. A few months later and the song is still stuck in my head.

6. “Both of Em” -Bhad Bhabie

If you’re not that into explicit music I suggest you don’t listen to this. Besides the explicit language used this song is extremely catchy but, all her songs are. This song specifically will make you feel like a “Bhad Bhabie”. 

7. “bellyache” – Billie Eilish

This song makes me think of an old cowboy movie for some odd reason. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this song is about a murder, I could be wrong though. 

8. “Obsessed” – Maggie Lindemann

Maggie is one of my favorite artist at the moment. From “Knocking at Your Heart” to “Obsessed” all her songs have such a cute romance vibe to it. One thing about this song is to not let the title trick you… you’ll when understand when you get to the end of the song.

9. “Intro lll” – NF

This is the first some off NF’s album “Perception”. NF’s music talks about depression, pain, and anxiety, topics many people are afraid to talk about. He really connects to the people who suffer from mental health disorders. “Intro lll” tells a story if you listen closely. A story between NF and his concious.

10. “Hero (Unplugged)” – StarStruck

One of my favorite Disney movies ever. This movie is so underrated. The music, the plot, the love story, everything is just soooo good!! “Hero (Unplugged)” is just the acoustic version of the original song. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Well, that was just 10 of my top favorite songs at the moment. Some old and some new. 

I hope you guys enjoyed! If you did leave a comment telling me some of your favorite songs!

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As Always I hope you have an amazing day or night wherever you are!
“enjoy the little things, let go of the stupid things.”

                               ♡, princess.

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