18 things you should know about Me before 2018!!

“This sun don’t shine, the sky ain’t blue, if I can’t be with you…”

Hi loves and welcome to my blog. My name is Princess Broken and I love traveling and taking pictures. Now from past blog post I know these two things are probably noticable.

I started blogging, 1. To share my love for travel and photography with others, 2. To share my past and present experiences with people who are going through or have been going through the same things, and lastly to make connections and relationships with people all over.

Lately, I’ve been feeling as if in my past post haven’t been showing these and I’ve realized it’s mostly because my readers don’t really know much about me.

With 2018 right around the corner I thought it would be nice to share 18 things you all should know about me before 2018.

This is so in future post you all know a little bit.

So without further adieu, here is 18 things you should know about me before 2018!!

1. What is My Zodiac Sign?

My Zodiac Sign is a Pisces. I relate so much to the meaning of a Pisces. I don’t think I could see myself being born as anything else than a fish.

2. 3 Fears I have…

  1. I have a fear of bugs
  2. I freak out when egg yolk touchs me
  3. I can’t sleep and totally dark rooms

3. What is My Actual Name?!

My actual first name doesn’t start with a “P” and it doesn’t mean Princess. It starts with an “M” and it means “Advisor” in Latin.

4. My favorite _______ is ….

  • Color(s)

My favorite color(s) are the different variations of purple. Though, I do find maroon, black, gray, white, and dark blue aesthetically pleasing.

  • Word(s)

Not to gross anyone out or anything but, my favorite word is Doo Doo…(lmao). I just say it a lot. I used to love the words because and favorite mostly because I liked spelling them.

  • Animal(s)

My all time favorite animal is a Pug!! Although, I have so much love and appreciation for all animals that it’s sometimes hard to choose a favorite.

5. How Often do I watch People?

I tend to watch people a lot. It’s the only way I can tell so much about someone without having them explain how they or what they’re thinking.

6. What’s My Stance on School and Popularity?

I honestly can’t wait to be out of school. I’ve realized the past few weeks that I like to learn but, it’s hard to actually learn when everyone around me is pilling so much stress and insecurities on me. I feel like I’m always left out of conversations with friends. 

I know I shouldn’t care about this stuff but, at most times I just can’t help it. All my friends from the year before are now the “popular” ones of the school. I’ve always been the one to stay out of being the center of attention.

7. My Celebrity Crush

I have a few..lol.

  1. Young Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Ashton Irwin
  3. Calum Hood
  4. Neels Visser
  5. Kalin White
  6. Martin Garrix

8. What Makes A Good Life?

Happiness really is the key to everything. The happier your are the healthier you are.

9. What do I want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for making people happy.

10. Why did I name my blog Princess Broken?!

When I was a little bit younger I made a Tumblr to post photography on. Photography was one of the only hobbies that could make me feel happier when I was in such a dim place. I came up with the name “Princess Broken” because everyone thought I lived such happy life because I was always laughing and smiling (don’t be fooled there’s so much a smile can hide). That’s the Princess part came from. When you hear the word Princess you think of someone who’s happy. I wanted to change that. The word Broken represents the dark and sad times of my life. 

I wanted the name Princess Broken to have a positive connotation, yet negative dennotation. 

The word Princess is supposed to represent happy memories and the word Broken is supposed to represent the sad ones.

11. Do I make friends easily?

No. A little fun fact I am socially awkward. I tend not to talk to a lot of people. I definitely have gotten a lot better at it though. I’m just a tad bit shy, that’s all.

12. How Tall am I?

4 foot 11 inches… so not very. 

13. My Biggest Pet Peeve(s)

My biggest pet peeve is probably when someone ask me to do multiple things at once. Like, I’m sorry but, I don’t have 8 pairs of legs. I also really hate when people try to one up someone else.

The next few are just fun facts!!

14. I hate the smell of Fish, but I still eat it.

15. I’d rather eat chicken with honey than with ketchup.

16. My favorite season is winter and I’m happier in the cold. Sadly, I live in Florida where it’s only cold one week per year.

17. My first Celebrity Crush was Joe Jonas.

18. When I’m way too stressed out I start feel uninspired to do anything except to sleep.

There you have it guys! 18 Things you should know about me before 2018. I really enjoyed making this post so, it maybe possible that more like this will be in the future.

Sorry about BLOGMAS being such a fail! Though it was nice to have a trial run, I now know that my best content is when I feel actually inspired to post. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. If you can please check out some of my other post that are up. 

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Instagram: @_princess_broken                                  @sunsbeam

Twitter:     @sunxbeam

As always, I hope you have an amazing day or night wherever you are.

“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can…”


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